Oh wow!

Looks like the UK will be getting subsidised 3G iPads in time for the Christmas. Although the iPad is a relatively low priced item for the functionality and the power it delivers, the availability of a subsidised model will push many people over the edge.

Looks like more option for AirPrinting are available following on from my earlier post. This looks interesting as it allows you to “virtual print” to you Mac or even to DropBox directly from your iOS device.

Well worth checking out! 

I have to say that I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve wished I could print from my iPad or iPhone - it’s just not something I tend to do.

But that’s just me and you may have different requirements.

If you have, and are salivating about the inclusion of AirPrinting in iOS4, the chances are you may have been disappointed when iOS 4 hits the streets, as it appears that Apple have removed the ability to AirPrint to all but a handful of WiFi printers.

Never fear though as there is a solution.

Well, there’s a couple actually!

One is to hunt down some hacks floating around the internet, the second is to download and install FingerPrint

This is a $7.99 app that enables virtually any shared printer on your local network to show up on your iOS device. Just tried it and it worked a treat:

A couple of caveats…

Apple will re-introduce AirPrinting to all printers at some time, so this may only be needed for a short time, but who knows!

iOS 4.2 is required and as of yet, it’s still not available on general release.

Update: @StuFFmc on Twitter was kind enough to send me a link to a free app that does the same: AirPrint hacktivator - Not tried it so at you own risk!

Exclusive Look at djay for iPad

Yeah, the iPad is just for consumption - no creative outlet at all!

Mobile Editing in Google Docs (via Google)

Here’s the video!

Could this be the holy grail of document editing on the iPad?

The ability to edit a document, stored in the cloud, directly on your mobile device (assuming you have an Internet connection) seems to be an ideal scenario.

We’ll have to see how it plays out in practice.

I’ve removed the original video as it was only available in Flash - Really Engadget and Viddler? This replacement video is of the rendering speed of the Playbook browser. If you want to see the original video when you get back to your Mac, you can find it here

Preview of the new BlackBerry Playbook

Lots of talk on the web about the previously unseen BlackBerry Playbook from RIM. In the video above, they compare the rendering of the browser. In the link to the flash only video, the CEO demonstrates the current version of the prototype. 

Of course, the chatter is about the Playbook being the first credible iPad killer. 

Couple of things though….

  • The Playbook is still a prototype, so we don’t know how close to a production machine the demo is
  • Still no idea on the release date or price
  • Still no idea on the battery life of the device
  • It’s a 7” form factor - still not proven to be an optimised size for a true “tablet” device although that seems to be the form factor that every other manufacturer other than Apple are touting.

But it’s great that there’s credible competition to Apple and that can only be a good thing to keep Apple on their toes and pushing forward with iPad product development.

The only thing is, if Apple keeps true to their product cycle, the chances are that we’ll see iPad v2 in the first quarter of next year. The smart money is on:

  • It will be faster than the current iPad
  • It will have a higher resolution screen than the current iPad
  • It (most likely) will have a camera or two!
  • It will have iOS 4.3 or even iOS 5
  • It won’t have Flash support

That’s the device that the BlackBerry Playbook needs to be assessed against, not the current iPad.

I wonder if they’ll even ship the iPad v2 before the PlayBook even sees the light of day?

Just written a new blogpost over on the MacScreenCastGuy blog about some developments from Elgato.

It’s now possible (well once iOS 4.2 is released) to stream live Freeview and Sateliite TV directly to your iPad from the Elgato netsream devices.

More information here

Interesting article on using an iPad as a replacement for a daily newspaper

Hangs head in shame!

Yes, it’s over a month since I posted to the blog.

Have I fallen out of love with the iPad?

Does the fact I have a new 13” MacBook Air mean the iPad is no longer relevant?

Absolutely not!

The iPad is still a huge part of my day to day Mac experience,  and it’s still unsurpassed in what it does.

It’s just that I took my eye off the ball and needed to attend to some other matters. Plus, I’m heading into an incredibly busy time over the next three months.

Nevertheless, apologies for the lack of posts on the site. I toyed with the idea of closing this down and moving the content to my other “The Mac ScreenCast Guy Blog" but on reflection, I think having the separate iPad content split out in a separate blog is still a good idea - do you?

So I’ll try and post a bit more frequently to “All about the iPad” especially now that the official iOS 4.2 release is literally days away.

Will keep you posted!